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Hello, and welcome to the Robinson Realty blog. I hope to help provide valuable information, that will make you more knowledgeable, and therefor more empowered, when selling or buying a house. I love helping people acquire and sell real estate. I started selling residential real estate in May of 1983 and have been loving it ever since. I think my purpose in life is to help people and using my knowledge and talents in real estate has shown me I can really make a difference. I became a broker a few years after I obtained my sales license and also started helping people with their commercial property needs. I have had a few agents calling me telling me they are surprised I give away all of this information. They say if I do people won't need me. I say this is the information age and it's all out there. But the knowledge and experience I bring to the table makes it usable. So contact me if you have comments, questions or just want an amazing real estate experience. Email: Scott@RobinsonRealty.net

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